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Why use a consultant?

To most people, consulting is an intangible: a service that cannot be measured.
This creates difficulty in assessing the need for a consultant, as well as establishing value for services rendered.

The Difficulty Can Be Mitigated By Determining:

Why consulting is being considered (reasons).

What is to happen as a result of the consulting engagement (results).

How the consulting can be implemented (action plan).

A Consulting Engagement Creates Value For The Client By:

 Identifying problems

Recommending remedies and options.

 Formulating a position and its implementation.

Expediting a result.

Identifying tasks with  implementation of time frames

The consultant's value rests in the fact that it is an independent third party's viewpoint and  expertise.

Key Issues That Should Be Clarified With Your Consultant:

The objective, scope and nature of the assignment.

A summary of the situation and potential consulting strategies.

The potential results to be generated from the consultancy.

The consultants qualifications.

The proposed start and end dates of the assignment

The fee structure.